Ballcaps & Bows


Accessories are the easiest thing to spruce up an outfit. Have you heard of the six-item rule? For an outfit to look complete it needs to have six pieces, in the summer this can be a little difficult since you don’t want to layer due to the heat. However, that’s where baseball hats and bows come in. 


Baseball Hats- We’re talking about the vintage style, not the flat rims. You could always go with a favorite baseball team, or get something cuter with one of our baseball hats. We have embroidered hats, ‘mama’ hats, and smiley face hats in all different colors. Not only are they perfect for a pool or park day. But they can stretch your washing day in the cutest way. 


Bows- This is one for my girly girls, who like to feel a little extra polished thanks to a bow. The bigger the bow the better, it takes a simple ponytail to something elegant and feminine. Add a bow to your half-up half-half-down style and make it better. 


Trucker Hats- These are my favorite style of hat, especially the patch style. Throw on your trucker hat and pull your hair into a super loose and messy bun for the perfect ‘thrown together’ look. Our bow embroidered hats are the perfect shape trucker hats and even more perfect for summer. 


Other Accessories We’re Loving

  • Patterned Socks: Elevate your white sneakers or trainer-style sneakers with an adorable patterned sock. The bold colors and fun patterns add such a summer vibe. 
  • Boho Bracelet Hair Ties: Leaving the house without a hair tie is always a mistake, but having a boring black one can ruin an outfit. We love these hair ties that also double as a cute bracelet. 
  • Flutter Habit: The best ‘accessory’ a girl can have, these at-home eye-lash extensions make it so easy to get gorgeous lashes without having to go to a salon. We have tons of different styles and lengths so everyone can find their favorite style.